Keeping an enclosed environment smelling fresh and free from infections is a constant challenge. Tough odors from the working environment, mold, mildew, bacteria, and VOCs can all ruin the environment, making it vulnerable to the occupants. Spray AlwaysOn Titanium Shield on any surface and its powerful nano titanium shield perpetually decomposes toxic pollutants, bacterias, viruses, and VOCs, safeguarding you with the cleanest air possible. Our AlwaysOn technology is safe for children and pets. The active agent, titanium dioxide, is a naturally occurring compound and is universally used in several daily-use household products. Once applied, any surface becomes capable of purifying the air and keeping the environment safe 24x7.



Pollution control

AlwaysOn Titanium Shield treated surfaces reverse pollution and improve indoor ambience by reducing NOx, VOCs, and odour. It is as powerful as grown-up trees.



Provides a long-term, cost-effective solution for facade maintenance while enhancing surface longevity and maintains the building's immaculate appearance with a self-cleaning cycle. A strong oxidizing effect decomposes hydrocarbons and any organic growth.


Odor elimination

AlwaysOn Titanium Shield does not simply mask odours, it breaks them down. It works great inside offices, hotels, cars, schools, malls, training facilities, eldercare centers.



It eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, mold and lasts for years, keeping you safe and healthy.


Water purification

Some pathogens such as viruses, certain bacterias have been known to be resistant to chlorine disinfection. With a process that is nontoxic and safe, versus chemical-intensive methods such as chlorination, this can be successfully used as a viable solution to purify water.



AlwaysOn Titanium Shield is an investment that pays for itself by reducing maintenance costs, labour costs, energy, water, and chemical use, and gives great ROI.