AlwaysOn Titanium Shield by nanoYo, Japan keeps you safe

Unique to its technology is nanoYo’s super powerful photocatalyst, which is activated by all kinds of light and produces a strong oxidative property on the surface its applied to. These surface oxidative properties decompose and remove harmful organic chemical substances, viruses, bacteria, and molds to keep you safe and healthy.

A system that works 24x7 safeguarding you and continuously purifying the air you breathe while eliminating toxic pollutants.

Certificates & accolades:

  • 1) Proved to be effective against human coronavirus: tested and certified by Biomedical Science Association (BMSA), Tokyo, Japan in accordance with ISO 18184 with an inactivation rate of 99.999%.
  • 2) Tested and certified by Kaken Test Center General Incorporated Foundation, Osaka, Japan, with an inactivation rate of 99.99% on Influenza A virus.
  • 3) Eliminates over 99.999% harmful bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella typhimurium. Test certified by Quality Sistem Mérieux NutriScience, Turkey.
  • 4) Free of hazardous substances such as Mercury, Cadmium, and Lead content as certified by SGS (Thailand) Limited Laboratory Services.
  • 5) Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science, University Arizona test resulting elimination of 99.99% tested bacteria and virus.

Case studies: